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Workers' Compensation


Workers’ Compensation will get you and your employees back on their feet after a workplace injury. Our experience will guide you in purchasing the correct workers’ compensation policy for your business. We can insure any business from sole proprietors, to complex businesses with hundreds of employees doing different types of work. With no deductible and no co-pay when an accident occurs, Workers’ compensation insurance provides great value to any business.

Don’t have any employees? Workers’ compensation can protect business owners too. The policy will pay for your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages so you are not left high and dry during recovery.

A Workers’ Compensation policy will Include coverage for:

  • Medical costs associated with an employee’s injuries while on the job
  • Costs for an employee to attend physical therapy
  • Vocational Rehabilitation for employees who cannot return to the same line of work
  • Lost wages incurred while recovering from the injury
  • Employers Liability that protects the business from suits surrounding work related injury or disease