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Accident & Critical Illness Insurance

Accident Insurance

Why accident insurance?

Because accidents happen when you least expect them. Even with health insurance, the extra expenses from an accidental injury can really add up. Lost wages from missing work, high health insurance deductibles and unpaid bills all affect your lifestyle, home, and family. And because 57% of Americans have less than $1,000 In their savings accounts,2 many don't have financial help during times like these.

Accident insurance will pay you when you have an accident, so you can use it to pay your deductible or medical bills or your lost income.

2 Huddleston, Cameron. "More Than Half of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings in 2017." GOBankingRates survey. Retrieved from

Critical Illness Insurance

What is critical illness insurance?

Sometimes called Critical Care insurance or Critical Illness coverage, provides a lump-sum cash benefit to help cover expenses associated with a qualifying serious illness.

Critical Illness can strike at any time. You may know friends or family members who have been affected by a serious illness. Often there is a financial strain as result of these illnesses that have a major impact during this trying time.

A primary health insurance plan may cover some health care costs, but often the patient will face other challenges such as paying everyday living expenses while out of work. For a nominal cost a Critical Illness policy can relieve much of this burden.