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Health Insurance for Individuals and Families


Do you have the right coverage?


Plans to meet your individual needs

At Menath Insurance, our priority is to offer our clients the very best options when it comes to health insurance.  Whether you are an individual, sole proprietor or entrepreneur, we are here with broad programs that are custom designed to meet your needs.  We offer both On Exchange and Off Exchange plans.


On Exchange

If you qualify for a subsidy, it may be better to choose a plan on the exchange.  Your premium would be offset by a taxpayer subsidy, and you might also qualify for a richer plan!

For the most part, if you and your spouse are not eligible for a group health plan, and your income is within the range below you could qualify

Income – If your 2020 income is expected to be no more than:

  • $49,960 if you file Single ($74,950 in California)
  • $67,640 if you have 2 people in your tax household ($101,460 in California)
  • $85,320 if you have 3 people in your tax household ($127,980 in California)
  • $103,000 if you have 4 people in your tax household ($154,500 in California)

Higher incomes apply for tax households of more than 4 people

If you think you may qualify, call (775) 831-3132 x1124 or click here to

Off Exchange

If you do not qualify for a subsidy or if you want a PPO health plan the you should consider applying Off-Exchange.  There are more options available to you and the enrollment process is easier. You can call (775) 831-3132 x1124 or click below to


When it comes to your health insurance coverage Menath Insurance is your one stop source.  Contact us for more information.