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Course of Construction (Builder's Risk)

Construction Items

If you’re building your own home, having a home built, or doing a major remodel, you need Course of Construction Insurance. A Course of Construction Insurance Policy or Builder’s Risk Policy is designed to protect your property, buildings, and building supplies during construction, rehabilitation, or remodels. The experts at Menath Insurance will ensure that your new structures are fully covered until it’s ready to be occupied.

Course of Construction Policies can be written for the whole structure or for specific projects such as additions and remodels. These policies can cover:

  • Minor and major damage caused to the structure by natural disasters such as fire, windstorm, lightning, hail and other occurrences.
  • Damage or loss of building materials during construction.
  • Human related disasters caused by theft and major vandalism.
  • While Course of Construction Insurance covers many aspects of construction; liability, employee theft, and preventable weather damage often aren’t covered (refer to your policy for details and exclusions).