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Earthquake Insurance

Much of the Western United States lies on seismically active faults. When these faults are active they can cause earthquakes which cause major property damage to your home and possessions. Earthquakes aren’t covered under most homeowner’s policies and can cause major damage and expense if you aren’t fully protected. Let the experts at Menath Insurance protect you and your family from natural disasters like earthquakes today.

Earthquake coverage can be added to your existing or new policy and usually covers:

  • Damage to your home and other permanent structures on your property due to earthquake, aftershocks and landslides.
  • Damage to the property within your home due to falling objects, structural shifts, and the aftereffects of the earthquake including fire, flooding, or other damage (refer to your policy for details and exclusions).

Let the passionate and experienced agents at Menath Insurance work to protect your home and property against natural disasters like earthquakes today. We’ll ensure that you are fully protected in the event of accidents or damage to you, your family, or your home during an earthquake. Call or click for a free quote today.