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Luxury Homes

Luxury house at sunny day in Vancouver, Canada.

If your home is your castle, Menath Insurance can make sure it’s fully protected. Luxury Home Insurance is specifically designed for high value homes, unique homes with high value design or an historical heritage.

Guarantee your home is protected with Luxury Home Insurance if:

  • Your home is worth one million dollars or more.
  • Your home has multiple dwellings and residences.
  • Your home has increased value due to historical heritage, design, or unique architecture.
  • Your home houses and displays extremely valuable items such as artwork, family heirlooms, or other valuable items.

Our High Value Carriers give you the "extras" you need:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Coverage
  • Wildfire Defense Programs
  • In-Home Appraisals and Assessments
  • Large Loss Deductible Waivers
  • Higher Endorsement Limits
  • More optional coverages
  • Higher Special Limits
  • And Much More!

Living in the Western United States can expose your luxury home to a variety of additional natural disasters and variables. Add supplemental coverage to your existing policy or a new one to ensure your luxury home is fully protected.

Supplemental Policies can include, but are not limited to:

  • Protection of valuable personal property such as jewelry and family heirlooms.
  • Flood policies to protect your home and valuables from major water damage.
  • Earthquake policies to protect you home during seismic events and rock slides which are all too common in the Western United States.
  • Umbrella policies to expand your liability insurance for your home, autos, boats, and more, in case of major injuries or accidents.
  • Animal liability, which ensures you are protected if your pet causes harm or accidents on your property.

Let the passionate and experienced team at Menath Insurance work to protect your luxury home and personal property. We’ll ensure that your luxury home, family, and personal property are protected and you are provided for in your most trying times. Call or click for a free quote today.