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Income Replacement Insurance

Also known as disability insurance, it is designed to replace your biggest asset – your income.


Without your paycheck, how long would you be able to make your mortgage or rent payment, buy groceries or pay your credit card bills without feeling the pinch? If you’re like most, it wouldn’t be long at all: 7 in 10 working Americans couldn’t make it a month before financial difficulties would set in, and one in four would have problems immediately, according to a Life Happens survey.¹

You actually have a three in 10 chance of suffering a disability that keeps you out of work for 90 days or longer at some point during your working career.And keep in mind that 90% of disabilities are caused by illnesses not accidents.2


And how much income is at risk?

A 25-year-old worker who makes $50,000 a year and suffers a permanent disability could lose $3.8 million in future earnings.

Coverage can be written for individuals, employees and even on business income.  We are here to answer any questions you may have. (775) 831-3132 x1124

1 What Do You Know About Disability Insurance” survey, Life Happens, 2018

2 The Council for Disability Awareness, Long-Term Disability Claims Review, 2010