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Comprehensive Risk Management & Liability Insurance Coverage

Highly effective insurance coverages and risk management services leading to improved best practices. Job one is to add value to your operations.

Risk Management Services

We suggest an arbitration clause for the resident agreement and discuss how a negotiated risk agreement works to reduce the overall exposure to loss. All of our suggestion and tips to improve your facility include both the residents and caregivers. Our risk management work is offered to a variety of establishments including:

• Assisted Living Facilities
• Skilled Nursing Facilities
• In-Home Health Agencies
• Group Homes
• Senior Living Residences

Mitigating Losses

Extend your quality of care today! We provide a safety checklist for your monthly staff meetings and negotiate coverage with the insurance carrier to make sure everything fits within your specific needs. Along with these checklists and tips, we also offer an employee abuse hotline for anonymous phone calls and cognitive assessment tools to detect change in conditions.

• Balanced Risk Alternatives
• Risk Assessment before Plaintiff Action
• A Long-Term Care Provider Operations Focus

Liability & Property Coverage

When you work with us, you receive special terms for your senior-living facility that has been negotiated on your behalf. The special terms of coverage include retroactive dates, coverage for 1099 staffing, abuse and molestation, high-coverage limit, privacy HIPPA coverage, policy holder right to settle, punitive damage coverage, and use of vehicle for resident transportation.

For property coverage, we have special coverages for assisted-living facilities, including loss of food storage, property of residences and caregivers, loss of income, usage of courtesy vans, and many other essential coverage points.

Other Policy Types

Workers compensation programs, Course of Construction, and surety bonds you need.

Contact us to improve your procedures and exposure to loss.